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مرحبا بكم في
التحكم الهندسي

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مقدمة التحكم الهندسي.

Geotechnical investigation field is a service field whihc can give information about the subsoil for several engineering projects such as building constructions, roads, bridges, pipelines, and infrastructur projects.

ATHKEM, a privetaly owned Libyan company, is specialized in geotechnical investigation.

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Lab Testing

Our central labratories in Tripoli offers most kinds of tesys which are necessary to implemet engineering measures with respect to the sounness of materials used in excitong projects.

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Field Testing

The company own 2 rotary drilling ring both ski mounted on a 4 wheel drive truck, this rings are equipped with standard penetration split spoon samler tp carry out the SPT testing in soil, and diamond core drilling tools for rock formations.

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Civil Eng.

Our expertise and forward-thinking approach has also earned us a reputation for undertaking construction work in some of Libya’s most demanding environments. From challenging terrain to projects in ecologically sensitive areas, our engineers relish the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

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As you know, architects design buildings. Architectural engineers specialize in designing the engineering systems within buildings. Architectural Engineering is in many ways similar to civil and mechanical engineering, but it is specifically geared toward the building industry.

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التحكم الهندسي
للإستشارات الهندسية و الاختبارات المعملية
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